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The skills of the Coastal Ecosystems Team can can be declined in keywords, corresponding to ours main scientific activities.   

Geographical areas 

Méditerranean, West Africa, West Australia, Vietnam

Coastal Ecosystems 

Lagoon ecosystems, Marine phanerogams (seagrass), Coralligenous habitats, Rhodoliths beds


Posidonia oceanicaCymodocea nodosaZostera noltii 


Side Scan Sonar (SSS), Aerial photographies, Remote sensing, Data processing, Geographic Information System

Ecosystem functioning 

Primairy production, Carbon fluxes, Lepidochronology, Phenology 


Heavy metals, Organics compounds (PAH), Biomarker, Phenolic compounds , Stress markers

Environmental monitoring

Climate change, Biological and ecological indicators, Marine Protected Areas, Monitoring networks, Invasive species, Coastal development, Fish farming, Trawling, Anchoring, Urban sewage


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