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Lundi 26 novembre 2018 de 09h30 à 15h30Journée de restitution du projet Report Card 2018
Lundi 26 novembre 2018 de 09h30 à 15h30Restitution du projet Report Card 2018
Du jeudi 16 août 2018 au lundi 27 août 2018Programme GIREPAM

The Coastal Ecosystems Team is a research team integrated within the "UMR CNRS 6134 Laboratoire Sciences pour l'Environnement" (SPE) and the "Fédération de Recherche Environnement et Société (FRES) 3041". Since its establishment at the Università di Corsica in 1993, the Coastal Ecosystems Team is interested in the management of marine biodiversity and the responses of coastal ecosystems and marine magnoliophytes (e.g. Posidonia oceanica) to anthropogenic disturbances and climate change. This plateform is involved in many national and international projects and research programs.